Lunch at Hixson

A full student lunch includes a choice of entree, supplying protein and grain, up to three vegetable dishes, on fruit side, and a choice of milk.  Milk choices include 1% white milk and skim chocolate milk.  In addition to the vegetables and fruits offered on serving line stations, a daily cold vegetable and fruit bar is available daily.  Our cafeteria features a variety of fruits and vegetables on the bar, including locally grown items when seasonably available.  Each week, we feature deeply colored, nutrient-rich vegetables, include red/orange and dark green varieties, as well as beans and other choices.

A full paid lunch for students is $2.50.
A reduced price meal is $0.40 (pending approval of a reduced price meal application).
Other items are available at various a la carte prices.

Students must choose from 3-5 items, with one of those being a fruit or a vegetable, or the meal will be charged at a la carte prices rather than the lunch priced quoted above.

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