Daily Announcements 1.22.2013

Hixson Kindness Challenge
The Hixson Kindness Challenge has begun.  Imagine being in the car with your parent when the drive through attendant informs you the person in front of you already paid for your order.  What a great feeling knowing that someone targeted you with an act of kindness.  The counselors have printed cards available for you to keep this chain reaction of kindness going.  Any student can pick up a kindness card in the office and use this card to keep our chain reaction of kindness going.  If you do an act of kindness pass the card along so someone in our communities will know someone from Hixson Middle School cared enough to be kind.  The goal is to take Rachel's Challenge message outside the walls of Hixson and make an impact in our communities. Remember no act of kindness, no matter how small is every a waste of time.  

Hixson Trivia Night
January 25, 2014
$160 for a table of 8
For more information, visit hxtrivia.blogspot.com