April 11, 2014

At Hixson Middle School we are very happy because:

  • the weather today has been amazing,

  • we are finished with the MAP test,

  • 7th graders will be visiting SLU for their annual heart dissection soon,

  • 8th graders will be visiting Springfield, Illinois, for their annual Lincoln Sites tour soon, and

  • the sixth, and final, term of the school year began this week!

As we look to the end of the year, we are planning for

  • 8th Grade Recognition on May 15th at 7pm, and

  • Last day field trips that include a visit to Incredible Pizza (7th Grade) and Six Flags (8th Grade).

Even as our exciting and our energy are running high, our focus on learning remains as strong as ever. Team teachers and our reading specialist, RtI Facilitator, social worker, and others met today to review student data from the previous term. It’s exciting for me, and quite a point of pride, that our students are doing better, even incrementally so, over the course of the year with important skills like reading comprehension.

Finally, Dr. Stacie Stryhal, Hixson’s incoming principal, visited for this week. This was her second day-long visit since she has been hired. We spend a lot of time in conversation during her visits. In addition, we tour the school, meet with school leaders, and she spends time at lunch with students. Dr. Stryhal is excited and curious, and I know she will do great work as our next principal. If you were able to meet her at the PTO’s reception for this week, then you can attest to her high energy and appeal. You can look forward to a guest blog post in the near future from Dr. Stryhal herself.

I continue to have great expectations for our students and our faculty and staff even as we anticipate the final days of school.

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