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We will be taking orders for Rachel's Challenge Kindness t-shirts until November 7.  Click here for an order form.  Order forms can be turned into the counselors or main office.  Keep our chain reaction of kindness going, buy a t-shirt for someone!  

Project HART:

Our 7th grade students will receive lessons in the following: unhealthy relationships, sexual harassment, and bystander intervention.  The lessons will begin the week of November 17. You can learn more at

Project HART parent letter may be found by clicking here 

Project HART

Healthy Alternatives for Relationships among Teens

Project HART is a relationship violence prevention program offered at St. Louis-area schools, community centers and other places teens gather. Made up of a series of workshops, Project HART gives teens and pre-teens the knowledge and skills to develop healthy relationships, free of abuse and violence.
The goals of Project HART are to help teens recognize sexually, physically and emotionally abusive relationships; develop skills to reduce their risk of being victimized; identify sources of help if they are in an abusive relationship and learn how to be proactive in helping others. We hope everyone who experiences the entire Project HART curriculum walks away with the tools to establish and sustain healthy relationships for a lifetime.
Topics include:
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Unhealthy Relationships and Teen Dating Violence
  • Gender Roles and Dating
  • Technology and Relationships
  • Challenging and Responding to Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault Awareness
  • Survivor Support
  • Bystander Intervention
  • LGBTQ Myth Busting
  • Gender Identity and Trans Youth

Thank you for your support of our students!  Please feel free to contact us in the counseling office any time we can be of assistance.

Mrs. Bodi and Mrs. Peterson