8th Grade Celebration Information

This is a message for parents of 8th grade students regarding this year's 8th Grade Recognition Events!

March 30, 2015

Dear 8th Grade Parents,
It is our goal to maintain the tradition of  a special event to recognize our 8th grade students and celebrate their accomplishments in middle school as we wish them luck and proudly send them off to experience all that high school brings.  We have been brainstorming the safest and most effective and meaningful way to honor and involve as many students as we possibly can in this celebration.  After much thought, listening, and collaboration, 8th grade recognition will take place on the evening of Wednesday, May 20th.  We will hold recognition ceremonies by team in both the gymnasium and the auditorium.  Journey and Quest will each hold their recognition ceremonies at 5:30 pm in the gym.  Innovation and Synergy will each hold their recognition ceremonies at 7:30 pm in the auditorium.
We feel the smaller events with the team focus will allow a more personal recognition for students and their families, while being able to accommodate our students’ families and loved ones at the celebration events.
Thank you for your support of your 8th graders, we are certainly extremely proud of them and look forward to recognizing and celebrating their efforts! 


Dr. Stacie Smith