Hixson Highlights - May 15

From the Principal, Dr. Smith...

Hello Hixson Family!  Somehow we are already at the end of a wonderful school year, they do say time FLIES when you are having fun, and boy did we ever have FUN this year!!!! Next week marks the last week of our school year, it is a 4 day week, as teachers have their final work day on Friday the 22nd.  We are excited about all of the activities and celebrations we have planned for students next week.(see dates below)

What have Hixson students been up to lately??  Well, our "week in pictures" sure tells a lot!  In the upper left hand corner, today we had a special Principal, 8th grader Ms. Sarah Curtin was our Principal for the Day!  She was extremely helpful to staff and students and to me today!  Ms. Curtin did an excellent job running the school AND (as she learned principals do) running around the school!  Way to go Sarah and THANK YOU for a great day!  Several pictures are of our students on stage at Hixson.  Our 7th graders from Team Harmony gave their TED talks today to parents and students, explaining their 20% time projects and sharing the results and progress of the culmination of their efforts.  Students did a wonderful job presenting today, way to go!  On the bottom left, 8th grade science students in Mr. Dempsey's class had the opportunity to interact with Parkway North Middle School students as they work on the creation of their solar cooker projects.  What a great use of technology in the classroom!  Middle left, 8th grade students on Synergy arrive back from their trip to Springfield, IL.  They were excited to share what they learned with us!  Mid right, students create blankets in Family and Consumer Science class- excellent work!  Center, 8th grade students from the Memphis field trip last week visited many important places, mainly the Civil Rights Museum (see FB and Instagram posts from last Thursday and Friday).  In these pictures above, students visit the Cotton Museum and learn about the history of the cotton market in the south.  Our other Memphis picture is of students taking a break by the river at a park, students were great and we all learned a lot!

Important Dates Upcoming:
5/19: POPS Concert, Moss Field, 6pm
5/20: 8th grade celebrations by team (see below) 5:30/7:30 pm
5/21: Class Trips: 7th grade to Chesterfield Sports Fusion, 8th grade to Six Flags

8th Grade Team Celebration and Recognition is Wednesday Evening, May 20th:

    1. 5:30 pm, Quest in the gym and Journey in the auditorium.  Students arrive @ 5:15
    2. 7:30 pm, Innovation in the gym and Synergy in the auditorium.  Students arrive @ 7:15
Thank you for your support of your 8th graders, we are certainly extremely proud of them and look forward to recognizing and celebrating their efforts!  We are looking forward to a wonderful evening!

Thank you for your support and encouragement of your children.  We look forward to our continued partnership!

Please let me know if I can be of help to you or your child in any way.  Feel free to email, call, or schedule a visit- my door is always open!

Dr. Smith

Summer Enrichment Program: Deadline to Register is May 22

Hixson's Summer Enrichment Program for incoming seventh and eighth graders will run from June 1st to July 2nd. Enrichment courses will be offered in the areas of reading, writing, math, science, cooking, and technology. For more information on course offerings and registration, please click here. Class size is limited; registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and will close next Friday, May 22nd.