Hixson Highlights - February 19, 2016

Spring Conferences - March 9 & 10

To schedule a conference with your child's teachers, please click on the link below. If your child's team has more than one schedule (A, B, C, or D), you only need to reserve a time on one of the schedules. You will need to revisit the link to schedule separate appointments with your child's elective teachers.

Several 8th grade math teachers - Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Hobold, and Mr. Taylor - will be meeting with parents separately from their team. If your child has one of these teachers, please make an additional appointment with him or her, if desired. 

2016-2017 8th grade Registration

Parents of 7th grade students: the registration form will be available online from February 19 through March 4, only. (Paper copies available upon request)

Please review the registration form with your current 7th grade student before submitting.  The course descriptions can be found by clicking here.  

Classes are usually filled in order recieved.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Peterson at 918-4554 or Dr. Miller at 918-4567 for more information

Divorce Small Counseling Group

Our Hixson counselors are currently supervising two school counseling interns from Missouri Baptist and Lindenwood Universities. The interns will be starting a divorce small group on Tuesday, February 23. The group will meet once a week for six weeks and is designed to support students who may currently be experiencing a divorce or have in the past. The sessions will rotate through the student's schedule so they will not always miss the same class. Participation in the group is confidential and students will be responsible for any work they miss in class.  We currently have openings for five students. If you are interested in your child(ren) participating in the group, please contact your grade level counselor. 7th grade parents can contact Linda Peterson, 314-918-4555 or peterson.linda@wgmail.org. 8th grade parents contact Sarah Bodi, 314-918-4555 or bodi.sarah@wgmail.org.  We are happy to offer this unique opportunity for our students.