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Dr. Heisserer's Blog

Modified Lock Down and Intruder Drill Success This Morning!

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 09:38 AM PST

Hixson Middle School just completed a modified lock down and intruder drill.  I admire the courage, confidence, and commitment of our staff and our students. Engaging in such an experience can be stressful, even though it is important.

Students and staff responded to the drill exactly as rehearsed, reviewing procedures and talking about the kinds of decisions and actions that might be necessary should an intruder or active shooter be in our building.  

Thank you to Ofc. Davis and Mrs. Bodi who worked very closely with me, the assistant principals, and the staff to explain, practice, and encourage these drills.

For more information about our intruder drills, click here.


Incident Before School

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 06:51 AM PST

I regret that I must share the following update, but I want to make sure you have accurate information about an incident before school.

This morning, a fight broke out between two 8th grade students in the gym.  This fight erupted after a verbal argument, including inappropriate language, between the two students.  Teachers doing morning supervision, Ofc. Davis, and Dr. Miller were able to break up the fight.  We have several staff trained in non-violent crisis intervention for situations such as this.  Neither the students nor the adults involved were injured.  

Teachers were able to keep most students in the cafeteria and many 8th graders had not arrived in the gym at this time.  

Vehement arguments, inappropriate language, and fighting are not tolerated at Hixson Middle School.  For incidents as intense as the one I described, we administer the strongest discipline that we can.

There are counselors and principals available should students need to talk about this incident.  Unfortunately, rumors abound in situations like this.  Please do your best to stay conversations about this incident at home. We will do our best to address this incident, rumor spreading, and other concerns that might arise regarding this morning with students.

School safety is a priority at Hixson Middle School, and you can expect us to be diligent about maintaining a safe atmosphere here at school.