Rachel's Challenge: Post-Event Questions

Our Rachel's Challenge assemblies were very successful this morning.  Our students listened to Rachel's Scott's story with curiosity and interest, and I believe we will be able to start a chain reaction at Hixson Middle School.

I hope you will have time to debrief with your student this afternoon or evening. The following questions may help with this:

  1. Which part of the assembly impacted you the most?
  2. Which of the five challenges do you think is the most important for you? for Hixson?
    • Look for the Best in Others
    • Dream Big
    • Choose Positive Influences
    • Speak with Kindness
    • Start Your Own Chain Reaction
  3. Which life goals might you write down based on the assembly?
This afternoon, students will have an opportunity to sign the "I Accept Rachel's Challenge" banner.  I look forward to posting pictures of this banner so you might get a sense of the impact of the assemblies on our students.

Rachel's Challenge invites you to visit their Facebook page or Web site if you would like to your student or you would like to accept Rachel's Challenge virtually.

I hope you are able to attend our Community Event this evening (8/22) at 7pm in our auditorium.