Daily Announcement 10-31-2013

Student Council announcement
Student Council wants to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and thank everyone who dressed up in a costume to say "Boo to Drugs!"  Participate in the last Red Ribbon Dress up day tomorrow and wear Hixson colors as we celebrate Spirit Day.  "Show your school spirit and be drug free!"

Red Ribbon Week Trivia Winner
Yesterday Student Council challenged your knowledge about smoking with the following question:Fill in the blank: For every cigarette you smoke, you lose 11 ________ of your life.  The correct answer was seconds.  Congratulations to Kira B who answered correctly and is Wednesday's Trivia winner!  Your gift card will be delivered to you some time today.

Red Ribbon Daily Fact
Student Council wants to give you information about Opioids, a form of a prescription drug. They are part of the group of drugs known as depressants.  Abusing the use of opioids can increase the risk of both addiction and overdose.  Opioids can produce drowsiness, cause constipation, and depending on the amount taken, affect a person’s ability to breathe properly.  The bottom line is don’t take this type of drug unless you have a valid prescription from a doctor.

Don't forget to stop by the Student Council table during your lunch period to answer today's trivia question.  Student Council members will also be handing out a treat to say "Boo to Drugs!"

Prudential Spirit of Community Volunteer
If you have completed your Prudential Spirit of Community Volunteer application, please submit it to Nurse Neumann by tomorrow, November 1, 2013.  Thank you.

Attention Boyz 2 men

Boyz 2 Men will not be meeting this afternoon

Candy Wrappers
Make sure to keep your candy wrappers off of the floor.