Daily Announcements 10-30-2013

Red Ribbon Week: "Boo to drugs!"
Welcome to the third day of Red Ribbon Week!  Don't forget that tomorrow is Halloween and you can dress up in a costume to say "Boo to Drugs!"  Please remember to keep the costume school appropriate and no masks or fake weapons.

Red Ribbon Trivia Winner
Yesterday's trivia question was:Instead of drinking energy drinks what is a healthier way to feel energized?  The correct answer was: Drink water to stay hydrated.  Congratulations to Sabrina K for answering correctly! Your gift card will be delivered to you later on today.

Red Ribbon Daily Fact
Today Student Council wants to give you some information about smoking cigarettes.  For every cigarette you smoke, you lose 11 seconds of your life.  Some of the side effects of smoking are heart attack, stroke, cancer, infertility, and increase levels of stress. Also did you know there are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke?

Remember, stop by the Student Council table at lunch to answer the trivia question and see some of the effects of smoking!

Coins for Cancer
Student Council would like to thank everyone for their generosity during our Coins for Cancer fundraiser. We were able to donate $760 to members of our Hixson Community who have been affected by cancer. Thanks for accepting the challenge, Hixson!

Prudential Spirit Community Volunteer
If you have completed your Prudential Spirit of Community Volunteer application, please submit to Nurse Neumann by Friday, November 1, 2013.