Daily Announcements 10-29-2013

Red Ribbon Week - Wednesday: "Stay in the Game, Be Drug Free"
Tomorrow Student Council invites you to wear your favorite sports team shirt or jersey as we say "Stay in the Game, Be Drug Free!"

Red Ribbon Trivia
Yesterday's trivia question was:  Young people who begin drinking before age ______ are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence.  The correct answer was 15.  Congratulations to Ethan W who answered the question correctly and is Monday's winner.  Your prize will be delivered to you later on today.

Red Ribbon Daily Fact 
Student Council wants to educate you on energy drinks.  Energy drinks claim to give you extra energy, increase alertness, and improve mental and physical performance.  However, these drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar.  If you regularly consume large amounts of energy drinks you may experience increased or irregular heart rate, increased blood pressure, dehydration, sleeplessness, irritability, increased bone loss, upset stomach, and increased urination. The combination of an increased heart rate and high blood pressure has been shown to cause anxiety.  What’s a better way to feel energized? Eat well, get plenty of sleep, drink water to stay hydrated, and get daily physical activity.

Don't forget to stop by the Student Council table during your lunch period to answer today's trivia question!