Daily Announcement 2.3.2014

8th Grade Recylce Challenge
This announcement is for 8th grade students.  We will be having a recycling competition during lunches A and B. This competition will go until this friday.  there will be two bins in the lunch room, one for A lunch and one for B lunch. Each lunch needs to recycle as much as they can in their bin.  The recycled waste will be weighed daily.  At the end of next week the lunch that has recycled the most will win a treat for the whole lunch.  This competition is being run by 8th graders, Audrey Howard, Hannah Simonson and Hannah Luckes for a waste science project with the goal of reducing waste in our school. If you have any other questions you can ask these students or their science teacher, Mr. Dempsey. Good luck!"

Students, make sure that your cell phones and other devices are put away unless you are being supervised by an adult in class or at lunch.  Your cell phones and other devices should not be out in the hallway.

Counselor Appreciation Week
This week is Counselor Appreciation Week.  Mrs. Bodi and Mrs. Peterson both do so much to support us during the school year.  They help us through tough times and they celebrate our successes.  Make sure you take a moment this week to thank our counselors for all their help and hard work!

Modern Music Club Tryouts
Calling all band, orchestra and choir kids! We invite you to audition for the Modern Music Club, on Wednesday, February 5th or Thursday, February 6th.  Tryouts are before and after school, in the orchestra room. The audition music is posted on the Band and  Orchestra classroom doors. If  you have any questions please contact Mrs. Tokos or Mr. Dumsmore.

Black History Month daily fact
Each day during the month of February, we will have  a "Black History Fact" in honor of Black History Month.
Black History called Negro History Month was first called Negro History Week.  It originated with Carter G. Woodson in 1926 because he wanted to bring national attention to the contributions made by African Americans.  He chose the second week in February because it contained the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass. In 1976, the observance was expanded to the entire month of February.