Daily Announcements 2.4.2014

After school activities - Canceled Today
This afternoon, due to inclimate weather conditions, all after school activities have been canceled, i repeat there will be no after school activities today. Teachers please let students make a call home for an earlier ride if necessary. There will not be a 4 p.m. activity bus today as well.

Moder Music Club Auditions
Calling all band, orchestra and choir kids! We invite you to audition for the Modern Music Club, on Wednesday, February 5th or Thursday, February 6th.  Tryouts are before and after school, in the orchestra room. The audition music is posted on the Band and  Orchestra classroom doors. If  you have any questions please contact Mrs. Tokos or Mr. Dumsmoor

Black History Fact:
In August 1957 nine Black students (later known as the Little Rock Nine) attempted to register at the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The Arkansas Governor denied the student’s access to the school.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered federal troops to Little Rock to protect the students.

8th grade recycle challenge

We will be having a recycling competition during lunches A and B. This competition will start tomorrow and go until this friday.  There will be two bins in the lunch room, one for A lunch and one for B lunch. Each lunch needs to recycle as much as they can in their bin.  The recycled waste will be weighed daily.  At the end of this week the lunch that has recycled the most will win a treat for the whole lunch.  This competition is being run by 8th graders, Audrey Howard, Hannah Simonson and Hannah Luckes for a waste science project with the goal of reducing waste in our school. If you have any other questions you can ask these students or their science teacher, Mr. Dempsey. Good luck!