Daily Announcement 2.6.2014

Community Electronic Recycling Project
On Monday February 10th students and families will be able to bring any electronic waste to the elm parking lot from 9am-11am to be recycled for free. This includes TVs and old computers. This event is the result of a project to reduce waste in our community by Kaylie Carpenter, Olivia Lopez, and Maegan Brown.

Winter Olympics
Friday is the opening of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.  It is the first time that the Russian Federation will host the games.  It will also be the first time the Winter Games will have venues in two districts or "clusters" with 11 newly built arenas for the various games.
Do you know what sports are in the winter games?  Do you know the colors of the five olympic rings, what they symbolize and why there are only five?

Today's Black History Fact is:
Secret messages in the form of quilt patterns aided slaves escaping slavery in the South to Ohio and Canada in the North, before and during the Civil War. Quilts were often hung on clotheslines, fence post, or porches for slaves to see. The “code” had to be memorized because it was against the law for slaves to be able to read or for anyone to teach a slave to read.

8th Grade Recycling competition
The 8th grade recycling competition wages on, taking place during A and B lunches there are two bins in the lunch room, one for A lunch and one for B lunch. Each lunch needs to recycle as much as they can in their bin.  The recycled waste will be weighed daily.  Tomorrow the lunch that has recycled the most will win a treat for the whole lunch.  This competition is being run by 8th graders, Audrey Howard, Hannah Simonson and Hannah Luckes for a waste science project with the goal of reducing waste in our school. If you have any other questions you can ask these students or their science teacher, Mr. Dempsey. Good luck!

New After School Activity Rotation: February 18th
Starting the week of February 18 we have a new rotation of after school activities, check them out here.