Blog, websites, emails...oh my

Before we start our new school year we are working to make improvements based on feedback from last year.

1st up, The Hixson Middle School Blog: Hixson Connects

From now on you can get all your student news, news from the principal, and other school news all on 1 blog: Hixson Connects, which looks a bit different than the old blog.

2nd: The Hixson Middle School Website has been designed with user access in mind. You can now use the navigation on the right hand side of the page to access those items important to you. The 3 main sections of navigation: Students, Parents, and Staff. Each section contains links to those items used most frequently by the user and can/will be updated as defined by the user.(Video walk-through coming soon)

3rd: This year we will be using a service to send you email updates (in addition to our social media outlets) every time there is something new from the Hixson Connects blog, the PTO Blog, and updates from our calendar.(click to add the HMS calendar to your preferred calendar management tool) 

If you just can not get enough from Hixson, check out our Flipboard magazine. This magazine is updated whenever there is a new post from the above sources, as well as containing student blog posts, team blogs, pictures from around the school and everything in between.

You can download the Flipboard app for free or view our magazine in a browser: