Important Safety Reminder/Open House Reminder

Please remind our kiddos of safety going to and from school...

Tuesday afternoon when walking home from Hixson a female student had a white male in a white van honk and wave at her, motioning her to the van.  They did not roll down the window.  The student knew not to approach the stranger and she quickly left the area and ran home to inform her parents.   A police report was filed.   We do not know the intent of the male.   The student did exactly the right thing, she felt uncomfortable, left the area, and quickly went home to tell her parents.  We encourage you to remind your child of safety and what to do if they ever encounter a situation which makes them uncomfortable.  We will address students tomorrow with a safety reminder as well.  Thank you.

Open House is Wednesday the 27th at 6:30

During our middle school open house, parents will have the opportunity to "live" sample version of your child's daily schedule.  
  • Parent portal access to SIS.  Parents are able to view and print student schedules via the portal in the SIS system
  • Your child's written schedule for you to follow
    • If you do not have your child's schedule, back up copies of schedules will be available at the main entrance of the school at 6:00 pm before open house begins at 6:30.  We anticipate most parents having the schedule ahead of time, so back up schedule lines should not be too long.  

HMS Open House Schedule:

6:00- lines begin for back up schedules
6:30-6:45- 1st hour- you will hear a message from our building administration and Dr. Sarah Riss, Superintendent.  The remainder of the 10 minutes will be used for learning all about your child's first hour class.
6:49-6:59- 2nd hour
7:03-7:13- 3rd hour
7:17-7:27- 4th hour
7:31-7:41- 5th hour
7:45- 7:55- 6th hour
7:59- 8:09- 7th hour
8:09-8:15- Wrap-up

Resources to Assist Parents in Talking with their Children about the Recent Events in Ferguson...

With the recent events in Ferguson, children may have questions and fears for parents to address. Our Student Services Department has information and resources to use when talking to children about violence. You can find that information here
In addition, please feel free to contact your school counselor for assistance or other resources.