Hixson Highlights - May 1, 2015

From the Principal, Dr. Smith...

Happy Friday Hixson Families!  Today is May 1st and time is flying while we are having FUN!  How can there be just three short weeks remaining of the 2014-2015 school year?! This week brought us a lot of celebration of student strengths and talents!   We celebrated students at several wonderful evening events including our 7th and 8th grade choir concert and our Hixson Fine Arts Festival! (See pictures above)  It was a week of beautiful music, talented artists, and a celebration of the hard work of our students and teachers showcasing progress and talent! During the school day we have been continuing state testing, working on projects and activities and culminating units in classes.  Top left: Students in 7th grade work on their TED talks, what does TED stand for?  Technology, Education, and Design. Students have been working on projects and will be giving a TED talk to explain their projects and the results of their studies.  Top Right: Students in shop class work on key holders made of wood, students are having fun while learning to create in shop.  Bottom right: today in German II, students reviewed for their final by participating in a culminating "German Shopping" activity.  Students achieved the following target language learning goals: use formal you and correctly conjugate verbs, use polite language in conversation, use complete sentences to ask and answer questions, and use correct adjectives and endings to refer to items.  Students were challenged to an entire class period of full German communication, no English!  The students were very successful meeting this challenge and buying and selling items in the German marketplace today!  

Important Dates Upcoming:
5/4: 7th and 8th Orchestra Concert 6:30 pm
5/6: Track Day @ Hixson (am)
5/7 and 5/8: 8th Grade Memphis Trip (for participating students)
5/8: Half Day for students (PD Day), dismissal at 12:00

8th Grade Team Celebration and Recognition is Wednesday Evening, May 20th:

    1. 5:30 pm, Quest in the gym and Journey in the auditorium.  Students arrive @ 5:15
    2. 7:30 pm, Innovation in the gym and Synergy in the auditorium.  Students arrive @ 7:15
Thank you for your support of your 8th graders, we are certainly extremely proud of them and look forward to recognizing and celebrating their efforts!  We are looking forward to a wonderful evening!

Thank you for your support and encouragement of your children.  We look forward to our continued partnership!

Please let me know if I can be of help to you or your child in any way.  Feel free to email, call, or schedule a visit- my door is always open!

Dr. Smith


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